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Passion, principles and power radiate as we journey along our transit into these trying times. The tone of this time in a word, is challenging, chaotic and for some hopeless. Despite all this, the overwhelming emotion emanating from luminary Nakesha Kee-Kee Barber is passion. “I refer to my work as necessary”, she proclaims and she is passionate about it! Acknowledging the current sense of urgency, coupled with the need for change and transparency as we embrace undeniable unity, and the “Audacity of Hope”, Kee Kee is blazing, and her energy is intoxicating.

Powerfully anointed, Nakesha “Kee Kee” Barber was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is the third of twelve children born to a single parent household. She is a wife, mother, daughter and sister by nature. By the grace of God, she is a gifted lyricist, author, songwriter, intercessor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and all around trailblazer.

Kee Kee has ministered to the masses by way of radio, television, the preached word, a mentoring and rites of passage program (P.O.W.W.O.W) She is on track to leave an awesome legacy of breaking molds, limits and barriers in the name of Jesus.

Strong, concise, loving and armed with hope, Kee Kee is a bright and shinning star ready and willing to help everyone shine just as bright, if not brighter than herself.